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April 4th - June 24th, 2016

A twelve week long event held in your building, in your kitchen, getting your staff involved and excited!

Presenting Starz on the Move!

We will bring you new ideas, recipes and plate presentations to help you to grow your business. Over the next twelve weeks you will receive six "Starz on the Move" flyers. Each flyer will run for a two week period. During the time the items are featured on the "Starz on the Move" flyer you will receive allowances with your purchase of those items. Allowances on products featured in each flyer will be deducted off invoices for orders delivered during the effective dates, so be sure to take advantage of the savings during the promoted two week period. Save even more - ask your sales representative about any available rebates. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to bringing "Starz on the Move" to you.


Featured Coffee Flavor

Featured Coffee Flavor

Two great coffees with subtle flavors
reminiscent of tropical islands!

Our Delivery Area

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We have a large delivery area throughout the Hudson Valley in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Featured Dessert

Dessert of the Month

Moist yellow sponge cake layered between lemon mousse, European raspberry preserves, cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut