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Current Manufacturer Rebates

Take advantage of manufacturer rebates to boost your profits! Get money back on the products you normally use, or take advantage of the rebates to try new products. Be sure to check each coupon for the requirements as all offers have different purchasing requirements.


Rebate Amount

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Ecostick Sweeteners$5.00$500.001/1/176/30/17$5.00 per caseview coupon
Farmland BBQ Rebate Program$2.00$250.005/22/178/13/17$2.00 per caseview coupon
French's Big Savings Big Flavors$50.00$3,000.001/1/1712/31/17$3 or $5.00 per caseview coupon
General Mills Bisquitability$7.00$210.006/1/178/31/17up to $7 per caseview coupon
General Mills Bulk Yogurt$2.00$300.006/1/178/31/17$2 per caseview coupon
General Mills Morning Mixes$8.00$160.006/1/178/31/17$8 per caseview coupon
General Mills Pillbury Frozen Baked Goods$6.00$150.006/1/178/31/17$6 per caseview coupon
General Mills Camp Favorites$1.00$1250.005/1/178/31/17$1/$2/$4 per caseview coupon
Heinz Frozen Soup Offer$10.00$400.001/1/1712/31/17$10 per case (limit 1 refund/operatorview coupon
Highliner Foods Seafood to Savor Rebate$50.00$750.006/1/178/31/17$10 per caseview coupon
Kellogg's 2017 Camp Rebate10 cases$2000.003/1/178/31/17$10 per caseview coupon
Kraft Heinz Macaroni & Cheese New Customer Rebate$30.00$100.001/1/1712/31/1775ยข/$2/$3/$4 per caseview coupon
Kraft Heinz Stove Top New Customer Rebate$10.00$100.001/1/1712/31/17$10 per caseview coupon
Maple Leaf Duck the Heat Rebate5 cases50 cases6/1/178/31/17$5 or $10 per caseview coupon
McCain Anchor Chip 'n Dippers$10.00$100 7/1/166/30/17$10 per caseview coupon
McCain First Case FreeUp to $50 case3 cases7/1/166/30/17up to $50 per caseview coupon
Norpac Grande Classics$5.00$250.005/1/177/31/17$5 per caseview coupon
Tyson Sizzling Savings Rebate$3.00$500.005/1/178/31/17$3/$5 per caseview coupon
Tyson Great Summer Favorites Rebate$.00$500.005/1/178/31/17$5 per caseview coupon