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Our company was founded in 1959 when Thomas O. Miller and his son Bruce started a coffee delivery service. Through the years they recruited dedicated employees and expanded their product line. Thanks to support from loyal customers and employees, Thomas O. Miller & Company has grown from its small beginnings into a full-line foodservice distributor. We are a broadline distributor with a full line of quality products for the foodservice industry, and we have complete coffee, beverage and warewash programs.

Thomas O. Miller & Company continues to be a family owned and operated company with the same dedication to the needs of the foodservice industry in the Mid-Hudson region of New York State, and the bordering Tri-State area. Our customers include restaurants & caterers, as well as convenience stores, camps, healthcare institutions and schools. We are members of UniPro Foodservice, IFDA and Specialty Coffee Association.

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Our Services

Coffee & Beverage

Thomas O. Miller knows you have a business to run and we know how hard that is to do. We will provide you with unparalleled service so you can concentrate on running your business. Choose from our two branded coffee programs:
J.B. Marshall or Country Coffee.

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Sparkling clean tableware is a high priority to foodservice operations. Our warewash program will insure your dishes and silverware are always clean and sanitized! Our warewash specialist will meet with you to design a program to fit your location

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Our Brands

Exclusively Ours

Our TOM brand coffee is our original brand. It's available in different flavor profiles and in both whole bean and ground. Still a popular choice with our customers.

Pre-portioned and custom cut beef, veal, lamb & pork. Facility cleaning & sanitation programs. Laundry & warewash, equipment & smallwares, trash liners & fooservice bags.

Fresh produce, pickles, grated and shredded parmesan & romano cheese, premium soup bases and gravy mixes, spices, spice blends, flavorings and extracts.

Serious Premium Coffee -
Our premium branded coffee program. Contemporary look with branded cups, airpots, store displays, posters and more!

Our other premium branded coffee program with a "country" look. Branded cups, airpots and flavor tags, displays & more!


Featured Brands

Add to your bottom line with rebates!

Current Rebates

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Brakebush Rebate

Brakebush Foodservice Relief Rebate

Minimum $25 Maximum $500

For Purchases Between

7/1/20 — 9/30/20

Postmark by 10/31/20

Highliner Rebate

Highliner Better Together Rebate

Minimum $20 Maximum $400

For Purchases Between

6/1/20 — 10/31/20

Postmark by 11/30/20

Smithfield Rebate

Smithfield Culinary Creating Rebate

Minimum $20/Maximum $500

For Purchases Between

6/28/20 — 11/28/2020

Postmark by 12/31/2020

Handy Rebate

Handy Buy One Get One!

Maximum $100

For Purchases Between

6/1/20 — 12/31/20

Postmark by 1/15/2021

Handy Rebate

Handy Crab Rebate

Maximum $100

For Purchases Between

7/1/20 — 12/31/20

Postmark by 1/15/2021

J & J Snacks Rebate

J&J Snack Foods

Maximum $1000

For Purchases Between

7/1/20 — 12/31/2020

Postmark by 1/31/2021

Heinz Rebate

Heinz Ketchup

Maximum $1000

For Purchases Between

8/1/20 — 12/31/2020

Postmark by 2/15/2021

EcoStick Rebate

Sugar Foods EcoStick

Min 2 cases Max 100 cases

For Purchases Between

1/1/20 — 12/31/2020

Postmark by 1/31/2021

McCrum Rebate

McCrum Penobscot

Buy 5 Get 5 Rebate

For Purchases Between

7/1/20 — 12/31/2020

Postmark by 1/31/2021

Chef One Rebate

Chef One Dumplings

Buy 2 to Get Rebate 2

For Purchases Between

7/6/20 — 12/31/2020

Postmark by 1/31/2021

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