Warewash & Chemicals

Thomas 0. Miller & Company offers complete warewash services to meet your entire automatic and manual dish washing needs, and a comprehensive laundry and sanitation program. We take the time and effort to analyze each of our customers needs. Our customized sanitation programs are designed to fit any size establishment for the food service industry, including white table cloth, deli, convenience stores and commercial offices.

Whether you own your equipment or need to lease, we can meet your warewashing expectations! We have a large inventory of cleaning supplies for floor care, restroom cleaning and laundry. Whether you're cleaning uniforms and aprons, or dishes and glasses, our commercial cleaning and sanitation supplies will meet all of your washing needs.

We are a distributor of a wide range of cleaning and maintenance solutions for a comprehensive sanitizing program. We offer industrial hand care products, cleaners and degreasers. Let our trained chemical specialists assist you and show you how our program can produce the best results!

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